Love-and all its complicated ramifications, Draeger believed-actually does conquer all; Love or the Fear of Not Having It, or the Worry about Not Having Enough of It, or the Terror of Losing It-certainly does conquer all. To Draeger this knowledge was a weapon; he had learned it young and for a quarter-century of mild-mannered wheeling and easy-going dealing he had used that weapon with enormous success, conquering a world rendered simple, precise, and predictable by this iron hammered faith in that weapon’s power

—Sometimes A Great Notion, Ken Kesey


I hate this pseudo apathy that everyone has nowadays, like they think it ain’t cool to care about stuff. Well let me tell u son, there are lots of cool things to care about like dogs and space and holding hands and science and music and art and how the sky looks when the sun sets, and if u think you’re too cool to be passionate about something as incredible as this life then thats really sad and idk what to tell u

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mania »> depression

I’ve gone from literally talking every minute of the day that I was awake to being ok with never interacting with another human being, ever, again

'Nother ride on the carousel

Survivors of massacre in Khuza'a say Israeli forces used Palestinians as human shields

This is horrifying. There is no justification. Genocide is never justifiable. Even prior to Israel’s offensive, the status quo occupation was a disgusting human right’s violation that the international community turned a blind eye to

There’s this great myth out there that we call the “Over-consumption Myth,” which goes: If you earn a decent income, and you’re in trouble financially, it must be because you’re blowing all your money at the Gap, and TGIF. The myth is so powerful, it almost seems like heresy to question it. But when we actually looked into the data on what real families actually spend, it’s just not true. An average family of four actually spends less on clothing than their parents did a generation ago, adjusted for inflation. That includes all the Tommy Hilfiger sweatshirts and all the Nike sneakers. How does this work? Well we forget all the things we don’t spend money on anymore — how many kids have leather shoes for Sunday school anymore? How many people dress up in wool suits for work everyday?

The point is that families today are spending their money no more foolishly than their parents did. And yet they’re five times more likely to go bankrupt, and three times more likely to lose their homes. Families are going broke on the basics —housing, health insurance, and education. These are the kind of bills that you can’t just trim around the edges in the event of a downturn.


wow literally every girl is a lovely unique creation what did we ever do to deserve this